It’ll never get old school


188*/365 :: It'll never get old school
Upper Boon Keng, Singapore

It is a gift that given by my twin, this mean alot to me, it also recorded our childhood memory when we were kids.

Twenty years ago, way before we have PlayStation and Xbox, our generation having great time would be ATARI video games. Not sure the youngster in this generation know about it, one thing I’m pretty sure is that many of us were kids once, will have heard / known this company. A device that keep us motivated and excited almost everyday after school.

Because we were under 18, most of us during our age prohibited to arcade. Instead, we only happened liked to visit those shops with video games attached to every single television and variety games in tapes form plus the dual joypads. We paid like every 50 cents for 15~30 minutes games period. If we’d like to continue the game, we had to top up in order to allow the game goes on. Yes, it ended up a few hours but we never get satisfy. Trying to finish up our remaining daily pocket money in dollars and cents, just to get a chance to experience it. Sometime when we drain out our pocket money, we rather standing behind and watched other players to continue their own. It’s quite an enjoyment and memory though…

You must see this on large View On White and View On Black


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