Craving for it


218*/365 :: Craving for it
LeVeL33, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore

This shot taken the 2nd visit at the restaurant last year, with wifey and a friend who staying in Hong Kong. Brought said friend to experience the view at the level 33, enjoying amazing scenery, the heart of Singapore. A day after x’mas it was a very calm weather, windy and not so sunny day. A day filled with asia x’mas flavor if I had to put a word to describe.

Can’t remember the dishes really, i just know it was a piece of meat with some fine decoration. Having a few more shots but just can’t get my hands on the CS5 to process it. But frankly, these photos with very good colors, not much process work needed, however… still one word… lazy I am. Will keep up the remaining shots to be processed, just need more time.

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188*/365 :: It'll never get old school
Upper Boon Keng, Singapore

It is a gift that given by my twin, this mean alot to me, it also recorded our childhood memory when we were kids.

Twenty years ago, way before we have PlayStation and Xbox, our generation having great time would be ATARI video games. Not sure the youngster in this generation know about it, one thing I’m pretty sure is that many of us were kids once, will have heard / known this company. A device that keep us motivated and excited almost everyday after school.

Because we were under 18, most of us during our age prohibited to arcade. Instead, we only happened liked to visit those shops with video games attached to every single television and variety games in tapes form plus the dual joypads. We paid like every 50 cents for 15~30 minutes games period. If we’d like to continue the game, we had to top up in order to allow the game goes on. Yes, it ended up a few hours but we never get satisfy. Trying to finish up our remaining daily pocket money in dollars and cents, just to get a chance to experience it. Sometime when we drain out our pocket money, we rather standing behind and watched other players to continue their own. It’s quite an enjoyment and memory though…

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Every moment


182*/365 :: Every moment
Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

We don’t want to be love constraints
We want to show the most perfect happiness in the world
Every single emotional cords lies in our hearts
Will creates the most brilliant and most perfect rhythm notes
If we lost one day, no matter how cold the weather is
I will be there for you, regardless how much it takes
I want to be your blue sky
Even if the sky darkened, don’t frown
I will put all your doubts today into a beautiful and brighter tomorrow
I’d waited for you all my life

Found this amusing image which i forgotten for a long time, while my flu is still with me, flipping out the images via the coverflow on the mac. Trying to do something different processing on this one, as you can see, i utilized the sidewall turned into transparent borders so that it look like somehow a three-dimensional effect. Quite a work to me really, and i started to like it, in my humble opinion i done myself a fine job.

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175*/365 :: Love ... Sometime could be like large rainbow-swirl lollipop
Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Swirl lollipops are generally made from sugar, water, corn syrup, coloring, flavoring, and citric acid. The sugar, water, and and corn syrup are generally combined at high heat and then kneaded on a special machine, similar to the way that saltwater taffy is made. Once this process is done, the color and flavorings are added, the mixture is stretched into a rope shape, and then pressed into the final shapes or twisted around the candy sticks.

When come to think of it, it’s truly fact. Illustrating by mean of putting effort together, manage and operate almost everything in terms of life ingredients as we always speak in mandarin, such as sour, sweet, bitter and spice. In short, it concludes as life is filled with Ups and Downs.

Obviously, relationship doesn’t work unilaterally, but relying on couple’s long-accumulated achievement. During the course, it is contains happiness and unhappiness throughout the lifetime journey. Lollipop could seems to be symbolizes the hardest from the outside, meanwhile it can also inadvertently lead to fragmentation if we fall into careless fatal mistakes. Once broken it will never be putting pieces together back as it was.

Every words we spoke will seep into our deep hearts, for both good and bad conversations it works the same, so becareful when we speak. It will hurt when some words are huge and bring unnecessary damage to each other, especially when comes to anger and arguments. Think thrice before we spit it out from our mouth, the more incisive the words, the bigger fissure goes inside our heart and stay there forever. That’s how explain the lollipop could be broken one day by accumulating it.

Be wise, be calm and be steady, if you know something is bad for both, better stop doing it before it is too late.

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The Couple


170*/365 :: The Couple
Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

When my twin told me that he wants to get an exact pair of this watches for his own and his beloved fiance for the purpose of their PWS, my brain strike me a signal that I have this photo lying on my HDD. Yet still haven’t get the time to process it. (Of course i have plenty of to work on, not just only this image.)

Ever since we started our relationship, we wanted a pair of couple watches for our own, it is just too hard to look for one which match our common interest until this. I saw it on one of the shop and i felt this should be the one. Next day, i brought to the same shop to see if she feels the same, her eyes already hint me that this should be the one. it is not expensive but something to start with, it is a record to our journey of our own.

Now, this couple watches will upgrade to a family watches soon enough. Hell right, that’s the statement from my twin. He seems showing huge interest on this watches. He been doing a lot of shopping during the last week GSS (Great Singapore Sales) He will travel here again first weekend of July and take it back home. So I considered it as a compliment, that i have a great taste.

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Zero distance


120*/365 :: Zero distance
Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Never felt more right to spend your weekend with your loves one, in my case we hardly speak each other during the weekday. Don’t ask me why, just the way it is. Maybe i am not in the mood, or just somehow i just dont speak much when i get home, just locked it myself in the room.

A strong relationship, come from its accumulative of well brewing, it has to be both participations. Frankly, been months that our weekends end up sleeping at home or let her visit in-laws. Hardly make an effort to hang out the cities. My main objective is to have enough rest over the weekend, i don’t give a damn about the rest. I feel guilty at times, but i rather spent more time to improve my condition, getting sufficient rest always number one to me.

I am a lucky one, she didn’t make any complain rather considerate. And today we enjoyed our Sunday by meeting friends, walk around the city. Because our friends coming all the way from KL and that’s the only push and pull factor that make me out from home. At least we have a good catch up after a quarter, it’s fun really. Hope we can do more rounds on this.

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114*/365 :: Priority