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Craving for it


LeVeL33, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore This shot taken the 2nd visit at the restaurant last year, with wifey and a friend who staying in Hong Kong. Brought said friend to experience the view at the level 33, enjoying amazing scenery, the heart of Singapore. A day after x’mas it was a very calm weather, […]

Upper Boon Keng, Singapore It is a gift that given by my twin, this mean alot to me, it also recorded our childhood memory when we were kids. Twenty years ago, way before we have PlayStation and Xbox, our generation having great time would be ATARI video games. Not sure the youngster in this generation […]

Every moment


Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore We don’t want to be love constraints We want to show the most perfect happiness in the world Every single emotional cords lies in our hearts Will creates the most brilliant and most perfect rhythm notes If we lost one day, no matter how cold the weather is […]

Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore Swirl lollipops are generally made from sugar, water, corn syrup, coloring, flavoring, and citric acid. The sugar, water, and and corn syrup are generally combined at high heat and then kneaded on a special machine, similar to the way that saltwater taffy is made. Once this process is […]

The Couple


Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore When my twin told me that he wants to get an exact pair of this watches for his own and his beloved fiance for the purpose of their PWS, my brain strike me a signal that I have this photo lying on my HDD. Yet still haven’t get […]

Zero distance


Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore Never felt more right to spend your weekend with your loves one, in my case we hardly speak each other during the weekday. Don’t ask me why, just the way it is. Maybe i am not in the mood, or just somehow i just dont speak much when […]



我不是失蹤,而是工作的時間霸佔率越來越多,幾乎沒啥時間休息,而休息的時間就花在床褥上。換句話說,我的人生只讓工作填滿我的生活,直接對社會、周遭的新聞一竅不通。你可以說我目前的人生是可悲的,無可否認,其實我也這樣認為的。 昨日休假的同時已經在床上趟了連續十六小時,從星期一的中午三點半直接到隔天的早晨七點半,可見我是累積的疲勞不是每個人都可以承受的。今日休假而很慶幸地,扭開錄過的第三十一屆金像獎頒奬典禮正式地觀賞。觀賞完畢後,發現領獎者的得奬感言都是以健康為首。可見健康對這世紀來說,應說得來是被關注的。 是的,健康一直是我把持的責任之一。隨著工作成長,我的健康同時也受到極度創傷。在我籌備婚禮,不,應該說當我踏入這家公司,我就料到我的健康回一直惡化下去。不過沒想到因為工作時間加上工作極度壓力,我想大概我的體力透支、精神受挫而造成。曾經一度我走過一段黑暗道路,很感謝家人和一些朋友讓我及時收手,讓我知道這世上其實不僅是工作,這些年來不斷以工作麻醉自己,世上有很多東西實值得我們去探討、別為了工作走歪路。 我必須承認,確實是個工作狂。其實我也是個普通人,年紀大了就無法想以前年少一樣,加上這份工作壓力比起以前,可以說是十倍壓力。身體、身心都已經無法抵抗作戰下去。我只能說我盼望一份時間穩定、和一位好老闆。朋友們勸我東家不打打西家,我想我會聽勸他們的忠告。請原諒我之前的固執,回想起來,母親大人的忠言極對無比。一生人,最重要的財富就是健康,沒了健康好比失去了靈魂。沒了健康,甚麼都不是。 接下來的工作雖然難熬,可我相信總有一天,我會脫離苦海,挽回我失去已久的健康。祝福我吧…