Love … Sometime could be like large rainbow-swirl lollipop


175*/365 :: Love ... Sometime could be like large rainbow-swirl lollipop
Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Swirl lollipops are generally made from sugar, water, corn syrup, coloring, flavoring, and citric acid. The sugar, water, and and corn syrup are generally combined at high heat and then kneaded on a special machine, similar to the way that saltwater taffy is made. Once this process is done, the color and flavorings are added, the mixture is stretched into a rope shape, and then pressed into the final shapes or twisted around the candy sticks.

When come to think of it, it’s truly fact. Illustrating by mean of putting effort together, manage and operate almost everything in terms of life ingredients as we always speak in mandarin, such as sour, sweet, bitter and spice. In short, it concludes as life is filled with Ups and Downs.

Obviously, relationship doesn’t work unilaterally, but relying on couple’s long-accumulated achievement. During the course, it is contains happiness and unhappiness throughout the lifetime journey. Lollipop could seems to be symbolizes the hardest from the outside, meanwhile it can also inadvertently lead to fragmentation if we fall into careless fatal mistakes. Once broken it will never be putting pieces together back as it was.

Every words we spoke will seep into our deep hearts, for both good and bad conversations it works the same, so becareful when we speak. It will hurt when some words are huge and bring unnecessary damage to each other, especially when comes to anger and arguments. Think thrice before we spit it out from our mouth, the more incisive the words, the bigger fissure goes inside our heart and stay there forever. That’s how explain the lollipop could be broken one day by accumulating it.

Be wise, be calm and be steady, if you know something is bad for both, better stop doing it before it is too late.

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