The Couple


170*/365 :: The Couple
Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

When my twin told me that he wants to get an exact pair of this watches for his own and his beloved fiance for the purpose of their PWS, my brain strike me a signal that I have this photo lying on my HDD. Yet still haven’t get the time to process it. (Of course i have plenty of to work on, not just only this image.)

Ever since we started our relationship, we wanted a pair of couple watches for our own, it is just too hard to look for one which match our common interest until this. I saw it on one of the shop and i felt this should be the one. Next day, i brought to the same shop to see if she feels the same, her eyes already hint me that this should be the one. it is not expensive but something to start with, it is a record to our journey of our own.

Now, this couple watches will upgrade to a family watches soon enough. Hell right, that’s the statement from my twin. He seems showing huge interest on this watches. He been doing a lot of shopping during the last week GSS (Great Singapore Sales) He will travel here again first weekend of July and take it back home. So I considered it as a compliment, that i have a great taste.

You must see this on large View On Black and View On White


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