Zero distance


120*/365 :: Zero distance
Veranda Studio, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Never felt more right to spend your weekend with your loves one, in my case we hardly speak each other during the weekday. Don’t ask me why, just the way it is. Maybe i am not in the mood, or just somehow i just dont speak much when i get home, just locked it myself in the room.

A strong relationship, come from its accumulative of well brewing, it has to be both participations. Frankly, been months that our weekends end up sleeping at home or let her visit in-laws. Hardly make an effort to hang out the cities. My main objective is to have enough rest over the weekend, i don’t give a damn about the rest. I feel guilty at times, but i rather spent more time to improve my condition, getting sufficient rest always number one to me.

I am a lucky one, she didn’t make any complain rather considerate. And today we enjoyed our Sunday by meeting friends, walk around the city. Because our friends coming all the way from KL and that’s the only push and pull factor that make me out from home. At least we have a good catch up after a quarter, it’s fun really. Hope we can do more rounds on this.

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