Even game win,even so whole?



(一) 問:People mountain people sea?

(二) 問:Long time no see?
       答: 好久不見

(三) 問:Even game win,even so whole?


8 Responses to “Even game win,even so whole?”

  1. i knew…but no prize dun wan tell u la….

  2. 七館:知道答案就先守著吧,把機會留給別人。謝謝你的遊覽!

  3. 是我老了?还是工作太累?想不到答案。。。

  4. 青春:再接再勵呀。貼士:一共有八個字!

  5. i also know the answer.. very cold one.. and the q1 and q2 won’t give u any clues

  6. 雪君:呵呵!

  7. answer ler? I wanna compare my answer and yours =,=”

  8. 阿狐:你先給你的答案,看看是否答對?

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