今天很開心,是一種很寧靜的開心,不怎麼回事。也許最近在電視上看到一則廣告在播《The Wedding Album》,裏邊的歌曲勾起當年的回憶,確實是有點癢癢。過幾天就逛唱片行尋找這張專輯,原來市場上的價位是那麼的貴,一張僅有十七首歌曲就要賣二十一新圓。然後店主似乎看見我的表情彷彿在嫌棄而又想試聽究竟是否物超所值,就帶我到試聽器慢慢地欣賞裏邊的每一首曲子。有些歌曲經過數十載的歷史,可見久情歌是那麼地偉大!


伴都美子- if
作词:david gates
作曲:david gates

if a picture paints a thousand words
then why can’t i paint you?
the words will never show
the you i’ve come to know.

if a face could launch a thousand ships
then where am i to go?
there’s no one home but you
you’re all that’s left me to

and when my love for life is running dry
you come and pour yourself on me…

if a man could be two places at one time
i’d be with you
tomorrow and today
beside you all the way

if the world should stop revolving
spinning slowly down to die
i’d spend the end with you
and when the world was through

then one by one the stars would all go out
then you and i would simply fly away
馆联: If | Bread


4 Responses to “If/如果”

  1. 阿晶也很喜欢这首曲子

  2. 看來我們的口味越來越接近了,呵呵……

  3. Could you post the album photo so that I could get another copy too?

  4. 暫時在網路上找不到,因為這張complilation是獅城+一些製作公司推出,但由華納音樂發行。不過我已把17首金曲都抄下了。呵呵!

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