Can’t talk to my hand!!


Wazzup… I have nothing but bad news!! My hands injured terribly, but thank god still able to type slowly. My both hands now packed like stupid dumpling. So you could picture a grasshopper trying to type… lol

Dun worry about me, im currently rest at home. But feel inconvenience as I feel both hands can’t function properly. The root to case this accident, i was cleaning a bowl suddenly went slip, I was trying to catch it. Too bad by the time I hold, it crashed in the basin and broke at the sametime, automatically the broken bowl stick in my skins deeply. Needless to say it straight bleeding like mad. I was trying to wash it but it just keep bleeding non-stop. Thus, quickly get bunch of tissues to try stopping it. Over an hour then got stop bleed. But when I try to do something using my both hands and it starts bleeding. Gosh…

I was home alone, called gf to come here and bring me clinic to wash those injured parts. Till now I can still feel the pain even I put my hands in rest mode. Hahaa… The third day will need to unwrap it, it gonna be more painful. Ohhh my gosh….

FYI: in case I cant pick up yr call, definitely my hands is not in good mood.


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