A compliment dedicated to you!


Just wanna tell you, my feeling about the greatest brother I ever have —> KUANYOON.

You’ve been contributing over maximum of your capabilities, although it is far beyond your capacity yet still keep up the positive force to maintain your quality of work. Meaning to say, I’m proud of you!

It is not only varnish your own brand name, also inherits your right attitude and characteristic towards your career. You are such a dynamic chap till could ever bended into any environment. We can see that, truly…

Remember I told you once during the earlier conversation? I said, I have faith on you will get repay when the time is ready. Well, this is the great demonstration and a strong witness for speechless well-proof. Once again, this is the return of incentive rewards and I know this is really mean a lot to you. You did a great iob and I respect you as in, unwittingly being set a pattern which I need to learn from. By studying how to maintain and produce the good work regardless anything happen, even though it was occurred once “de-motivated” situation. Your leadership did show how well you driven this through and passed the significant crisis over insufficient resources which you had in the past. The key point is you are able to manage, to cut it short, you are simply great!

In fact you gift to be talented, I believe with your strength could lead us to a new morality. A guy would never kneel before failure, never say NO when there are problems faced and this is my brother, KUANYOON.

May the force be always with you… always…


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