We, decreed by Fate!


Look at the post today, guess you have some idea about the topic is gonna be. Fate somehow is so amazing…

I met a friend called Verni in the MSN and we manage to find time to chat with each other after a long long itme, and she introduce a net friend who just started his career in Singapore about 4 months back. And we voice conference via Skype. Listening to his voice, it makes me recall some one who really in my mind but so vague impression.

His name is Skyler, in fact we met 4 years ago at KL Central by introduced a friend of mine, Nicole. We even sat down for a topic related product to WAX and Clay. We were consider “A day Friendship” and till then we don’t meet each other. How did I recall all these? It’s began with asking for friendster ID and after adding him into my friendster list. I noticed that a girl which resided in his list, started to question him about this lady calledNicole. He said Nicole is his best friend. When I heard “Best Friend”, suddenly my mind work like a bullet which brought me to a memory where we met at the KL Cenrtral. And I remembered by asking Nicole, and she replied that Skyler is her best friend either. And because of that, I finally has these all clues and result an answer.

This world is full of amazing thing happen especially the fate we are talking about here. Don’t even think of we can meet again after 4 years, and this is shows how small is the world. I would take this opportunity to say thank you to The Friendster Team to bring distance of people relationship together!

Long live, friendster!



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