My Absence during the past month


My apologies, it’s been “hibernate” quite sometimes as there were some important work for me to deal and finally turned into a great ideal conclusion.

I will be leaving my current employer and heading to a new environment which I ever dream off. It is happen unexpectedly which I think this is not gonna to be luck of mine, well sometimes do really believe luck. As Chinese always says, “When this is yours, it is belongs to you no matter what…” Of course, I do believe, without any assistance from other parties and my willingness effort, this will not lead to succeed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who involve helping me to giving up their ultimate guidance and opinions. Also for those who willing to examine some sort of analysis, further and deep evaluation to both employers and end up my decision is final, and this decision is lead to a new chapter of my life.

It’s been a tough time for me to prepare for the coming scheduled interview, and even re-studied the knowledge for the pass 2 years. Watching video-guide, re-examine the technical skills, making notes and also practising the Q&A session before it comes to the real one. I do appreciate my team-mates who willing to spare his own time to explain what being carried out for the daily jobs of the extra skills, which is really a gain for me as these are the processes that will lead to the question during the interview.

After the numbers levels of the interviews had been done, here come with feedbacks and follow up suppose to be in placed. In fact during the process there was an incident nearly happened to be failed. Two of the agents of the new employer declared that I’m not interested in the new job which this is solely not my intention. How could they claim on my behalf and without my knowledge and permission. In the subset of the issues, I came to know that it was all the agents doing. Because the one who followed up my case was went for vacation and handover to another agent. And this agent half-way through resigned and he is the one who nearly mess the thing. Till passing to another agent and things finally sorted out as per scheduled.

The day I signed on the offer and the same day I tender my resignation. Not to mean that I desperately to leave, but somehow when you working with the employer and keep changing the policies every 3 months till waived-off all the benefits, remunerations and this is really pissed me off. Looking into 2 years working relationship in the outsource company, I’ve been sacrificed to be on duty even on sick leave, due to the insufficient resource to support the IT daily operations. At these points, they don’t even appreciate what we had been contributed, but yet still taking advantage from us, even I seeking help from MOM (Ministry of Manpower) but sad to tell that there is nothing can protect labour like us. I am not putting the blame to the bank that I am serving, as the matter of fact I really enjoy every moment that I’m spending. What I am pointing here, the outsource company. No doubt, I am really happy to serve the client (The British Investment Banking) I would really like to say a big thank you for offering the opportunity to experience the real-life operation in the IT production Services Environment. I really appreciate a team full of great people whom I really enjoy working with.

It’s really painful to make decision like this in life. The line between staying and leaving is so fine that I struggled within to come out with an answer, which I regret and I have decided to go. The main pulling factors are the fact that to experience working in another big organisation, understanding how different organization functions especially in terms of IT operations. I am looking forward to such opportunities and now it comes up and it is tough to give it a miss. When the opportunity comes near, sometimes have to work hard on it, to make this opportunity become a reality and also the successful one.

Finally, thanks for being concern about my recent updates! I will top-up some photos with the current working environment. It is time for me to memorize such a good place, a place where built-up my knowledge and a bunch of good friends within.



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