Finally I can surf again


My NEW wireless router “D-link, DI-524UP”

Being 4 years, tensional bought/shared by among our housemates for wireless broadband purposes; during those times wireless router is not so popular. D-Link DI-713P had done a great job till yesterday it went down permanently. In fact, it still can be used for cable port but not for wireless any longer. The problem of the wireless connection was went up and down from 11.0 mbps to 1.0 mbps and again again and again. It was frustrated to go to the router power OFF and ON again at the router. Unfortunately, the ending has no change.

Working on the New York’s shift as I always do scheduled for these 2 weeks, after 0800 SGT taking a train heading back to my flat. Start thinking gonna have a short break, get a dress change and going to nearest McD to test my notebook WLAN card. My friend suspected my WLAN card is not working properly, but my 6 sixth sense told me 100% that the DI-713P give me such headache. Guess it must be serving for long and it is time for her to rest in peace for the entire life. Hahaha… Alright, back to the story, I was talking about the testing WLAN card in my notebook. I went to McD and bought a set of breakfast. Guess what? When I open up my notebook and tried to scan the available access point, it really pissed me off. Reason was, there is no more wireless surf in this McD. Damn~ I keep chewing the burger and harshbrown just to save my time, because the time was showing 1030 SGT. I need to rush to Funan IT Mall which nearly located at Cityhall MRT.

I went down to McD Funan and grabbed a seat, testing the connection, for god sake my WLAN card is working perfectly. And open up my MS outlook to send an emergency email as promised to KUYO. After the testing session, I went up and grab a new wireless router, its name DI-524UP. It can support up to 54.0 mbps internal transfer speed, also acting as a print server with USB-Enabled.

By the time I reach home it was 1130 SGT, till I finished the configuration it was 1350 SGT. Got to bed else I couldn’t wake up cause I need to work at New York Shift again!!

Below shows my old and new Wifi Router!

Note: Wi-Fi can be defined Wireless Fidelity, please find out more [here]!

 Image hosting by MinYoon  Image hosting by MinYoon

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