Santa Claus is coming to town!


Ho Ho Ho… santa claus is coming to town!
What? Still believe in Santa? Come on…Santa only exist in fairy tale… hahaha…

Throughout the shopping process, he managed to get 2 GUESS jeans which were up to 50% and he loves it as he claimed that it’s kinda hard to look for the most suitable jeans for him. I’m happy either, finally he got what he wanted with the attractive prices. We also shop through and can’t believe that Muji “无印良品” having Great Sales and the socks only cost less than 20 bucks for 3 pairs, what a surprise!! 

During our way back to home, we were unexpectedly saw a friend of us coming all the way from Penang and also noticed that her partner’s status. Finally she in love with some one, and we are really exciting and nearly to let her know we are actually here. But end up we didn’t make it, reason is we don’t want to be so… hahaa… people might wanna keep it secret/underground, so both of just keep it shut.

Few more days to welcome the brand new 2006, wishing all readers having full of challenge and luck. Same old phrase to you pal, “May the force be with you!!

Taking some shots during the x’mas eve at SUNTEC area, although it is only 3 days but we enjoy a lot.

During the great event, my brother wanted to clear leave and tends to pay his brother a visit. The main target still belongs to the Great Sales in

Singapore and brought him to shop and shop and shop… Not forget to take him to try out the food in Singapore. Recently, DeliFrance branding as “Bistro DeliFrance” which serve meal set for instance, set breakfast, set and also set dinner. The meals were great, not bad though after the “revolution”. We also bring him along to west Tung Lok’s Arena restaurant for the Dim Sum buffet, and this is his first time to be so far from central after number of times of visiting Singapore. Should fetch him and go round far from city by driving, once I converted and own a Singapore Driving License.

Image hosting by Min.yoon(ミニョン)™ Image hosting by Min.yoon(ミニョン)™



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