Story about Kent!


A friend who always remembered…

“Everybody has a dream, to have a dream…”

Feeling hard deep inside my heart, a great friend will be leaving and heading to his dream to the States. Knowing him through a friend when I was first step in Singapore in my life approximately 5 years ago, temporary stayed at their flat and this was how we were met. I can say he is a nice guy overall who has his own theory and point-of-views. At times, we just can’t understand his theory, but who cares? As long as a friendship can be maintained, it is more than words…

A true friendship will always have arguments; full of advices and guidelines, when you need help he’ll always giving his warmest hand to pull you up…Well; myself gone through a hard experience when indeed needs help. He used to stay behind, I would say Silence of Support though not applicable for every situation, but when you need some fresh air, he is the right guy at the right time. I mentioned earlier the mentor for my photography session; he is the one who guide me with techniques, angles, with supporting theories and leads to your decisions to have a better shot for anything….

A thank you for him is definitely deficient, and I would take this opportunity to dedicate my honest grateful and zillion wishes. May all his dreams come true one day, and awaiting for our next gathering ahead in the next couple of years. Either in the States or here, we will still in touch as we do…

We’ll miss you, brudder! “This is what friends are for…”



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