Dan.’s Convocation, 06 Aug 2005


This is the moment to congratulate my lovely cousin, Dan. Tan!

What a surprise when he invited me to attend his convocation which held at Malacca, Dewan Seri Negeri. I am always happy as I can shoot plenty of photos for his great event which I place it at the photo album section in my blog.

As you all know the traditional of the convocation/graduation ceremony is commencing from the speech of the chancellor, President and VIPs, then follow by the mission of the hand-shake as well as on-stage photo session and the “blank certificate booklet“, which I consider as the traditional process. BUT, there is an uncertainty of whether you heard about the graduates by tapping their smart Card and the details will be display on the screen which consist of which stream they are in, the name of the graduates and etc. Suppose, some one will be reading the graduates’ name during the process but it doesn’t work in MMU’s convocation. While graduates tapping their smart card on the reading device, the computer will be reading out their names and I can guarantee so far this is the first time happened in Malaysia, I am not sure whether it is apply to other countries? And guess what? They have their VCD recorded on that great day so well to their MMU’s song. Sang by a Malay girl on LIVE with R&B Style. Too bad I stil waiting for Dan. to give me that either mp3 or in wmv, wma formar for that song. Really great…

Once again congratulation to Dan., and wish him all the best in future endeavour(s)…

Please feel free to take a look at the photo album of Dan.’s Convo.







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