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請接受我的道歉,而我不便通訊在這數月。我寫這本電子郵件通知說我只是想把我所有的結算作出結論,到最後我還是有一些空氣呼吸。 我時間表排得密密地,大約2個月與我的外包公司洽談有關我的貢獻,在[1] 。此外,組織單位過檔到[2]被hunted由客戶加入他們的一部份新的家庭。在這些階段中,我準備了無數的支持文件並草擬了一封信,向高層以保證在我過去得一年裡要求薪酬更新。 作為一個新成員,處理了HP OpenView ITO,omniback和一批工作時間表運行,每天尤其是在週末。執委會組成6個工作隊, Wintel&Messaging第一線, Unix的第一線,Change Management,Web Support,DBservices第一線,最後我的團隊[1],工作關係密切,與倫敦指揮中心,以支持全球24小時x7天的基礎上。 這裡有顯示我的過去和我目前的席位。 圖像030 -我以前的座位; 圖像840 -我的夥伴坐在我對面。 圖像[其餘] -有時候,我寧可用三個螢幕。但在某種程度上,當我在處理一些Sceduling Jobs,我必須利用到7個螢幕,那三個螢幕則位於在我右邊的座位。 在我當值班,幾乎沒甚麼機會通訊。為了避免任何誤解,我將不勝感激如果您可以留下一個簡訊,當我一有空擋我會盡快回顧給您。 希我們將保持聯繫,我開始對這個新的令人振奮的一頁,我的生活。 [1] Global Technical Administration – Infrastructure Administration [2] Global Support Centre – Data Centre Operation Support Advertisements

his is the last day in KL and I am actually on my schedule back to Singapore to have new life. This is intepreting of my new role for my career path. My brother sent me to KLIA airport and having a finger food at well-known fast food restaurant “McD“. Also, not to waste our […]

This is the moment to congratulate my lovely cousin, Dan. Tan! What a surprise when he invited me to attend his convocation which held at Malacca, Dewan Seri Negeri. I am always happy as I can shoot plenty of photos for his great event which I place it at the photo album section in my […]

A friend who always remembered… “Everybody has a dream, to have a dream…” Feeling hard deep inside my heart, a great friend will be leaving and heading to his dream to the States. Knowing him through a friend when I was first step in Singapore in my life approximately 5 years ago, temporary stayed at their flat and […]