A moment with GTA-IA, Ubin Island!



My great Shift lead suggests having a gathering/outing just meant for a year of completion in GTA-IA.



Speak about spending a year definitely we have known each other from the day 1 we started, Working together from Monday to Friday every week including public holidays. And finally comes to a year celebration for our own effort and our hard work. A remarkable event to get ourselves has joy, fun and unforgettable.



We, GTA-IA formed approximately in the month of august, 2004 and successfully to achieve such an excellent outcome to our clients. Couple of our team-mates shifting to some other team even left the organization, but still able to make it happen for this great outing. Also, our new comers and team-mates able to get their wives to join, it is really unforgettable memories.



I would like to take this opportunity to express my most sincerity thank you for my manager, shift-leads and my lovely team-mates. “Given the fate to all of us have such a grateful team working together, it is my happiest part of my life. Piece of words for my manager, such a thank you to you isn’t adequate. But still I would like to dedicate my grateful appreciation for all guidance and valuable advise/input which have contribute since the day took over the GTA-IA Team. ” Dear team, I bellieve we can bring it to the next level of excellent as we always do, for the forth coming years!



Below are couples of thumbnails for our event…





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