Having unforgettable snapping partner…


“夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。” This is really true when you have a right time and right partner to have a session like this, Jen Kent is my housemate and he is my guide during the photo session. I ain’t say he is expert but he is obvious better than me as you can see the artworks from albums taken by two different cameras. And I really experience it with LIVE and so satisfy the colour of the photo of overall, and most of the photos need not send to edition.

Knowing him about 3 years and a half; being my housemate and buddy nearly 3 years time. He taught me a lot regarding the camera technique, functions and etc. all about the knowledge and experience he had. I still remember the first camera he bought was PENTAX Optio, and he was so eager to learn and get the effect he wanted. After a while, he started to plan to get a good one. By reading forum, surfing net to look into the quality of the photo posted on the web, and finally he brought a DSLR – Nikon D70. After a while, he sold out his lens and getting more lenses just to get he effect he wants. This is him…

Some albums I posted in my blogs, majority were his artwork by increasing his lenses and accessories. Would like to take an opportunity to say Thank You to him, being along with me for years.

He quoted, “The sun rise and sun set are always the best time for shooting. You’ll experience the difference colours, effect and the entire feel.”
[Album – 1, 19-06-2005 – Nikon D70]
[Album – 2, 19-06-2005 – LUMIX FZ20]

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