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“夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。” This is really true when you have a right time and right partner to have a session like this, Jen Kent is my housemate and he is my guide during the photo session. I ain’t say he is expert but he is obvious better than me as you can see the artworks from albums […]

1630, start extracting my bag and dig out my buddy, capture whatever I can and of course, I want… A desperate thought of Esplanade is a good place for newbie like me as a good start of the shooting session, have an happy experience on it. The most exciting part was capturing birds on the […]

Today is the first day of outdoor shooting. Intention of having a great time but end up gathered with friends at Coffee Club, Ngee Aun City. We have ordered some food and desert after movie; you can refer to the album of [First Outdoor Shooting]. Meanwhile from the top of view, we seeing bunch of […]

Digicam never spaced out our life; use it when we need as evidence of everything. Hunting Digicam for years; initially just for memory of prove for outing, event, tour and etc. But recently looking into the quality of the photos that taken and compared from numbers of digicams. Finally, choosing the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ20GC; a […]