The end of the precious week


End end end… today is the end of my precious week and it is only happen once again in coming June. Truely sad towards our early shift only will rise after 2 months, and my life will be back to normal, “aiks~” in fact which is abnormal life again…

I had fully charged due to the long hours rest from 1930-0400, woke up and starting to pack my stuff and waiting mood to fly back KL. “Yeah, shaking it baby yeah~” – [quoted by Austin Power]

After 1500 will go Funan and grab something important and then go home straight. The trip from Singapore to Senai Airport been defined as follow: –

  1. Taking MRT to Kranji;
  2. Transit bus to City Lounge [Causeway Link Yellow Bus from Kranji MRT to City Lounge at every 15-minute interval – S$1,];
  3. From Citi Lounge to Senai Airport [Senai International Airport Express Shuttle Bus from City Lounge to Senai International Airport at every 30-minute interval – RM3].

Wishing me have a great weekend and Bon Voyage…

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