My precious week!


Look at the title of the blog for today, definately it is doing with the shift work! After 2 months working in afternoon and night continuously, it becomes our habit to sleep late hour or you can call this as early hour then.

So good to be early shift for this week, because we starting on duty at 0700 and end at 1500. You can fully utilize the time after 1500 onwards, say watching movie, having a couple of coffees, shopping around the complex and etc. Timing is like unlimited for us and feeling so much time to spend. Giving example of working in afternoon and night shift, wake up at 1100 and start preparing to office by 1200 and reaching to office at 1400. After 2200, only able to take a breath and do some cleaning jobs, follow up task or hand-over shift work to them. By the time leaving office is about 2230-2245, sometimes till 2300. By reaching home it is consider mid night and people like me will be spending time for my privacy till the next couple of hours or may be next morning.

The lifestyle of working shift absolutely caused unhealthy, further more it is function as weekly basis pattern. Nothing but afternoon and late shift happen to be so often and that’s why our morning shift mean so much to me~

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