David Tao’s 陶喆 – 《太平盛世》 音乐会!



Few days back, my housemate was invited me to David Tao’s “concert”. When I heard “concert”, I shocked! And I replied him, “concert”? Are you sure about this? After find out the truth, some-sort of mini-concert for his tour of his new album. “cheh…”  

30th of April, is the day of David Tao who came to Singapore and introduced his new album. I got the ticket from my housemate for free and he grabbed it from somewhere either. Well, this is not important… point taken as we are ready to see him at EXPO, Hall 1.

As usual, star always late. Been a long time didn’t involve this activity, expecting them to have a great performance on their stage. But when I look at those people around me, I can’t help to question myself, “Am I too old for this?” High profile event should leave it to teenagers, unlike for those uncles like me… hahaha… [who cares~]

Approximately about 45 minutes after, there is a female’s band called WILD. They performed quite similar with another female’s band, BOND [Can’t recall their name, hope this is correct]. Performed by 3 violins and 2 keyboard, not bad though…

After 15 minutes, finally the one and the only has come, David Tao. Singing his new songs, listening LIVE is always the best, of course it must have the best of the sound system and speakers. It was really nice and sweet during his performance. I can choose 4 letters to describe, BOTB, Best Of The Best….

The activities were carried as below,

  1. 就是爱你;
  2. Susan 说;
  3. Having games with fans and lucky draw;
  4. 爱我还是他;
  5. 月亮代表谁的心;
  6. 爱很简单;
  7. End.

Please refer to the photo album for more details…


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