New table, chair and lamp…


After getting my 17″ LCD, initially do not have a place to keep them tidy and end up came out a very messy temporary solution [refer to the first picture below]…Shop through IKEA and find out there are so many things having discount, unfortunately the table that i intend to get is out of stock got to wait for this week.

Finally this day has come, after the training I went and grab all those things i intended to, which has a list with me already. hahaa….si beh kiasu hor~ After grab all those thing such as table, table’s legs, lights bulb and the most important which is the chair. The co-worker of IKEA thought i am getting others chair, in fact i wanna get the other chair [Swivel Chair JULES, W44xD42,H41-53cm] which is not located in the level 1 stores. Some of the goods selling in IKEA, you got to make sure what is the color of the TAG, and my chair is fallen into other categories and located at the level 3 store. The IKEA guy print out the quotation and ask me to approach to the centre of the goods deliever from Level 3 to Level 1. It is something like taking a queue number and wait for your goods delivered and get your troli ready.

According to the friendly IKEA staff, the new opening of IKEA will be located at Tampines area, but I didn’t ask further which exact location of Tampines. Probably will pay a visit if there is any advertisement made in the medias.

Alright, when i reached home first thing first mission is cleaning of the dust of my room..Secondly is clear out the messy decoration and put it accordingly and finally, fixing the table and chair. And last but not least, the lights bulb is matching with the lamp! great thing…

Let’s take a look the pictures below…



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