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  Few days back, my housemate was invited me to David Tao’s “concert”. When I heard “concert”, I shocked! And I replied him, “concert”? Are you sure about this? After find out the truth, some-sort of mini-concert for his tour of his new album. “cheh…”   30th of April, is the day of David Tao who […]

End end end… today is the end of my precious week and it is only happen once again in coming June. Truely sad towards our early shift only will rise after 2 months, and my life will be back to normal, “aiks~” in fact which is abnormal life again… I had fully charged due to […]

Look at the title of the blog for today, definately it is doing with the shift work! After 2 months working in afternoon and night continuously, it becomes our habit to sleep late hour or you can call this as early hour then. So good to be early shift for this week, because we starting […]

After getting my 17″ LCD, initially do not have a place to keep them tidy and end up came out a very messy temporary solution [refer to the first picture below]…Shop through IKEA and find out there are so many things having discount, unfortunately the table that i intend to get is out of stock […]

No joke, it is ITIL training today and it finished approximately 6pm. We started at 900am, finally we gone through the intensive training. Today, suppose promised a colleague of mine to have breakfast with him, but end up i woke up late. I think the sleeping pills really effective, I don’t even know I was […]

About 530am later will need to wake up and prepare back to office again, attending the ITIL training. This is a useful internal training which conducted by my manager, and I believed he is now still in office and prepare for the slides and some preparation for the training. He is really impress me even […]

My life…


Working night shift for this week whole, and now I experienced slept at 7am till 7pm non-stop.  Previously was able to wke up around in the afternoon… Might be the weather good enough and make me dizzy at all times. Not feeling hungry and thirsty at all while being a pig resting on my bed, […]